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Brain Injuries


Many people who are involved in a car wreck may suffer serious or what is called mild brain injury.

Mild Brain injuries are often missed at emergency rooms.

The symptoms of mild brain injury may not start immediately.

The injured person’s family may notice the mild brain injury first as frustration, irritability and problems with short term memory and organizing activities.

These types of injuries are often also missed by your family doctor who does not have the means to test them, and they are very subtle.

These types of injuries are tested by a neuropsychologist who will give you a battery of tests often over a 3 day period with a day in between each testing day. These tests are normed for the population and have been around for 60 years.  A mild brain injury will show deficits only in certain areas like short term memory, etc. Sometimes the testing can be corroborated by a special type of MRI.

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